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Jimmy Jane Sex Toys

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Buy Jimmy Jane Vibrators online from Tempt Me Tease Me

Jimmy Jane vibrators are available to buy at Tempt Me Tease Me. Jimmy Jane vibrators are some of the most innovative sex toys and vibrators available in the sex toy industry. Their patented technology makes for a genuinely unique masturbator experience. Jimmy Jane vibrators are classy in appearance and do not resemble the standard vibrators you see on the market. They have developed a sex toy with a difference and they carry that theme throughout their entire product range.

Jimmy Jane vibrators have even been voted the best sex toy of 2013 by Cosmopolitan. Their clitoral vibrators and stimulators have exceeded all previous products. Take a look at the Jimmy Jane finger tip stimulator which is the smallest clitoral stimulator on the market and has erotic satisfaction at the heart of its technology.


Jimmy Jane vibrators are bespoke and each vibrator offers the user a unique experience, no two vibrators are the same. As a vibrator designer, Jimmy Jane have given us a selection of sex toys for ladies and vibrators that stand out from the crowd! The attention to detail on how the vibrators and dildos perform has been carefully considered and the focus is always on getting the maximum pleasure from your Jimmy Jane Vibrator.

With limited edition Jimmy Jane vibrators as well as their classic form collection we aim to bring you access to the iconic Jimmy Jane vibrator collection direct from Tempt Me Tease Me.

Sex Toys

Sex toys by Jimmy Jane are of the finest quality and are one of the most renowned sex toys you can buy. With re-chargeable sex toys, waterproof vibrators as well as beautifully designed sex toys that any woman would be eager to have in her collection. Not only do Jimmy Jane vibrators and dildos look aesthetically pleasing but they give the most intense vibration that is focused on all the key areas of your body. The vibrators are great at reaching the exact precise part of your body giving you the best climax!

Order a Jimmy Jane vibrator today at a discounted price saving you up to 70 % off high street prices. If you like our Jimmy Jane vibrator collection then why not order some sexy clothing and lingerie to go with your new classy Jimmy Jane vibrator. Don't hesitate, buy your Jimmy Jane sex toys today for a speedy delivery right to your door and let the pleasure begin!